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The Oblation Process

Near the end of the candidate year candidates may ask to make their oblation. They ritualize their commitment to the Oblate way of life during the December or May renewal day, in the presence of the monastic community. At this time the new oblates receive a pin that identifies them as oblates associated with our monastic congregation with its Eucharistic dedication.

Making oblation marks a beginning, not an end. There is no certificate of completion, no diploma, but the beginning of an adventure.

"Being an oblate is not a legalistic undertaking. The Rule of St Benedict itself is a highly flexible document that demands to be interpreted and has received very diverse interpretations throughout its history. In the same way the life of an oblate is not bound to a set of rules and regulations. The Rule is a yardstick, a way of seeing the straight in the crooked. It is not in the Benedictine spirit to have a book of rigid rules."
~ Lawrence Freeman, OSB