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Who can be an Oblate?

Monasticism is a way of life in which the desire and search for God is all-important. Its spirituality is a process of transformation into Christ through self-emptying in order to be totally available to God. As such it is not necessarily tied to any single belief system.

Since it predates the separation of the Christian churches, monasticism forms an ideal basis for ecumenism in today's world. The main forces transcending all our differences are the deep love of God, of Sacred Scripture, prayer, and our genuine love and concern for one another.

So, yes, all Christians can be Oblates and engage in scripturally based prayer, practice prayerful reading, seek contemplative union with God, and expend themselves lovingly for others. Anyone can practice this way of spirituality that is essentially the same as taught by St. Benedict over 1500 years ago.

Please see the 'Oblation Process' section for more information.